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About Fraser

Question Period / Période des questions Ottawa, Ontario, on 06 April, 2022. © HOC-CDC Credit: Christian Diotte, House of Commons Photo Services

Fraser Tolmie was elected as the Member of Parliament for Moose Jaw Lake Centre Lanigan in the 2021 General Election. He now serves as the deputy shadow minister for veterans affairs and sits on the House of Commons Veterans Affairs committee. Prior to the 2021 federal election, Fraser served as the Mayor of Moose Jaw (2016-2021).

The son of first-generation Scottish immigrants, Fraser Tolmie spent most of his childhood in a single parent home. He met his Father when he was 15, and since then has fostered strong relationships with both parents.

He started working at a very early age to help out with family expenses, where he learned about the value of hard work and was exposed to the challenges of everyday life under the poverty line. His first full time summer job was working on a farm, where he learned first hand about the extraordinary work ethic and capability of Canadian farmers.

Fraser lives an extremely active lifestyle. He has parachuted out of airplanes, holds a NAUI Scuba Open Water I dive certificate, is an avid golfer, swimmer, cyclist, skier, and more. Taking after his championship piper grandfather, he is also known to play the Bagpipes from time to time.

Fraser is a student of history. He studied War Studies/Strategic Thought and Conflict Resolution at King’s College University of London (UK), obtaining an honours Degree.

One of Fraser’s passions is aviation. He has completed both private and commercial pilots licenses. He served as an Officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force which brought him to Moose Jaw through the pilot training program.

Fraser served as a Moose Jaw City Councilor from 2009 to 2012. He has served on many boards, and has held positions including Chair of the Moose Jaw Alliance Church, Chair of the Moose Jaw Special Olympics, and Chair of Kids Matter Leadership.